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Life Changing Experience

9 Mar 2024

What an extraordinary, life-altering journey our U12 team embarked upon during the 2024 Barati Cup in Bali! From our collective voyage by bus to Bali and back, to the exhilarating excursions at Trans Studio Bali, to our spirited matches by the seaside, and, undoubtedly, our debut in elite youth football contests – every moment was etched with significance.

The experience was a mosaic of jubilant triumphs, heartfelt camaraderie, and poignant reflections on both victory and defeat. It served as a poignant reminder of the collective efforts required to actualize our ambitious aspirations.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to the management team at Baratimendunia, with a special acknowledgment to Mr. Novend Hippy, for extending us the invitation and orchestrating such a remarkable experience. Additionally, profound appreciation is owed to our visionary leader, Mr. Frank Amadio, and his wife, Mrs. Aprilianty. Without their unwavering dedication, Garuda Lions wouldn't grace existence, nor would we have had the privilege of relishing the myriad experiences we've encountered.

Anticipation brims as we eagerly await the opportunity to partake in the Barati Cup once more next year, poised to showcase the strides we've made on our journey.

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